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Sunday 7 May 2023

3S-GE BEAMS Acquired

After literal months of deliberating; I've pulled the trigger on a new engine. A 3S-GE Greytop BEAMS (practically identical to the redtop - the greytop has some extra cats in the exhaust manifold which are easy enough to deal with).

So why the BEAMS over the other swap options? I wanted to keep the engine N/A and Toyota so the 3S-GTE or a K swap were out. That left me stuck between the BEAMS or a V6 swap. Initially I was looking at a 2GR but the cost and complexity of the swap put me off - especially since I've never intended to chase big power numbers anyway.

I considered the other V6 options (1MZ/3VZ) and whilst they make more torque they're about the same HP figure. In my mind I'm trading some of that V6 torque for a higher redline and a peakier engine which has always been a big draw for me. I also love the fact that the BEAMS is a decently rare true JDM engine. I also think the BEAMS intake surge tank/manifold looks absolutely awesome The idea is to build a high revving, super responsive engine. I'm aiming for about 220-230bhp initially with further goals around the 250 mark.

I'm going to doing my best to document the whole process to add to the limited amount of BEAMS mr2 swap info out there. I'll be posting my progress on the swap to this blog as well as my Instagram page.

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