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Thursday 11 May 2023

Thorough Inspection and Cleaning Prep

Despite the engine being fairly low mileage (~50k miles) I'm starting by stripping as much if the engine down as possible in preparation for a deep clean. The engine is fairly clean already with most of grime seeming to be p/s fluid that has leaked from the disconnected pump. Cleaning everything up also gives me the chance to thoroughly inspect the engine for any parts damaged during shipping from Japan (an inevitability I was warned about, especially with protruding sensors etc). 

Fortunately the broken parts I have found seemed to limited to a split hose, the pcv valve, the oil dipstick and the lower timing cover, everything else is in reasonable condition or easily repairable. 

Once I've cleaned up the block I'll be taking care of all of the usual service items and anything else that's convenient to do with the engine out of the car. 

The Caldina P/S pump and A/C compressor will be staying off the engine as the my car doesn't have A/C and the MR2 utilises an electronic P/S pump as opposed to a belt driven one. This will also have the added effect of reducing some of the resistance on the crank pulley which should improve engine response slightly as well as removing the parasitic power loss from running the extra pulleys.

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